Thinking about life and getting mega philosophical

Why do we need to work 40-50 hours a week to be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle (and some people work more for less)?

What does our existence mean? Will I leave the world a better place or a worse place? Why am I here? How has every experience shaped my unique view of the world?

How do people go through their daily lives in their little bubble and forget about the SO MANY issues that surround us?

Why is it easier to ignore something than to just deal with it?

Why aren’t I doing anything about being more environmentally conservative? Why aren’t I volunteering more or studying more? 

How am I not in shape when I’m at the highest metabolism levels I’ll have for the rest of my life?

What if I end up alone; what will my parents think; what will my friends think?

What if I disappoint my parents: the people who have given me everything I could’ve ever asked for and never once said no when it came to my education?

I want to be a vampire and turn my emotions off and be numb to everything. I just want to turn my brain off for a minute so I can stop having everything swirling around in my head.